A Bunch From Westminster, MD

I paid $5 for this batch of photographs at Strawberry Fields off The Avenue in Hampden, Baltimore. They were in a box of photos which apparently came from an estate sale in Westminster, MD.

Here are three photographs of Gary Lee Noel. The third one has no identifying information but the subject is recognizable as GLN as identified in the other two photographs.

IMG_0008 IMG_0009



The following is a photograph of members of Miss Hooper’s 4th grade class and their Frontier Exhibit: Skipper Myers, Buddy Long, Donna Bole, Maxine Magee, Carole Bollinger, Sally Mather, Charles Beard, and Fred Magsmen.


Finally, here are three ladies at “camp” in July, 1932: Louella Downey, Miriam Waldemeyer, and “Peggy” Beard.




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