George Franklin Richcreek


Above is a photograph of George Franklin Richcreek (1925-2004) taken in April 1934 when he was eight years old, as shown by the inscription on its back:


George was born in Columbus, OH, the only child of James Calvin Richcreek (1895-1953) and his third wife, Virginia E. Roach (1908-??), who married in 1925. James Calvin was born in Pottersburg, OH and Virginia was born in Mercer County, WV. I lose track of Virginia after 1936. In 1940 George was living with James Calvin who was divorced.

George married Marie Rita Gaspard (1930-2007), a Canadian, in 1956. Her parents, Frederic Gaspard from France and Hedwig Muller from Belgium, immigrated to Canada separately and married in 1912.

I suspect the following photograph is also of George though it is not inscribed. Looks like the same smile in both. The above photograph was also in a cardboard frame and held together with paperclips like this one.


This photograph came in a big pile of stuff I purchased from an antique shop in the Hampden neighborhood of Baltimore in August 2017. There are hundreds of photographs in this batch and dozens of other documents pertaining to the Roach family of West Virginia and Ohio. I’ll post some of that stuff later if I can figure out a few more details.

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