The Hanover Creamery

The above photograph depicts the Hanover Creamery of Hanover, PA. Identifying this place was pretty easy given that the establishment’s name is on the water tower and in the caption in the lower right corner: PureFood Products, Hanover Creamery, Hanover, PA. Someone somewhere helpfully wrote “Hanover Creamery” on its reverse. The photographer was Swords Brothers of Hanover. I purchased it from an antique dealer in Baltimore.

While the photograph is undated, the operation first began production in 1881. It was was converted to a joint-stock company in 1882 under the name Hanover Creamery Company with the sale of 50 shares at a price of $100.00.

Jeune Mummert of Hanover donated a copy of this photograph to the Looking Back page of Baltimore’s The Evening Sun. The paper dated it to 1912 and published in it’s 9 August 1990 edition with a request for more information. The paper republished in it its 9 August 1990 edition after being informed by Bill Marquet of Hanover that the photograph dates to 1925-1926 and its setting is 215 Poplar Street, Hanover. I won’t vouch for either of the dates, but the location on Poplar Street appears to be correct.

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  1. Chris,

    I worked with you back in the early 2010s and I’ve been following this blog of yours a while. It’s very cool that you e kept it up. I hope you’re well!

    1. Nice to run into you again (looked you up and recognize your face). Thanks for reading! I am doing extremely well. I hope you are too. We love tacos over here!

  2. So glad I found this! I’m completing some family research on a great great uncle who worked at the Hanover Creamery around the time of this photo. I appreciate you posting it!

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