The Bushey Family


Inscribed on the back of the above photograph are the names of those depicted, the location, and the date:

Father Bushey
Mother Bushey
Clay Bushey
David Bushey
taken at basement door at 134-5th ave
York PA

I first thought the surname was Busby and it took some trial and error to figure out it was Bushey.

Clay Allen Bushey (1900-1980) and David Diliah Bushey (1902-1963) were two of the sons of Jacob Wesley Bushey (1859-1941) and Cora E. Myers (1872-1906). The other children were Russel Myers Bushey (1895-1970), Earl Wesley Bushey (1897-1987), and Lawrence Wayne Bushey (1906-1907). If the photograph was taken in December 1914 as the inscription says, Mother Bushey must be Jacob’s third wife, Sallie Amanda Straley (1872-1934). Jacob survived three wives, the other one being the first one, Sallie A Brown (1863-1894), with whom he had two other children.

I could not find evidence that the family ever lived at 134 5th Avenue in York, but they lived in the vicinity according to the Census of 1910 and 1920.

It is a confusing family and I have found that genealogists working on it disagree on pertinent facts. For that reason, and because I have to paint a bedroom tomorrow instead of spending more time figuring out the Bushey family, I’m going to post this without a lot of the other information I’ve accumulated. If you’re a Bushey and you want to know more of what I’ve found, give me a holler.


The Bushey Family

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