Chester de Hart, a Tragedy

Chester de Hart, upper left
The reverse of the photograph above it
Chester de Hart

Chester de Hart’s surname was spelled a couple of different ways; I’ll keep it simple by using his daughter’s version.

Chester de Hart (1883-1912) was an civil draughtsman by trade and born in New York. He was the second son of Henry Garrett Voorhees de Hart (1849-1917), a physician, and Margaret Adellaide Winship (1850-1909). He married Minna “Minnie” Sievert in 1906. Chester’s and Minnie’s only child was Elaine de Hart (1909-1993) who married Harry Helgans (1894-1965) in 1934. There were no grandchildren.

I discovered only one instance of Chester appearing in a play, Pygmalian and Galatea by Jean-Léon Gérôme, at White Plains, NY on 22 September 1903:

Eastern State Journal, September 05, 1903 Pg. 5, White Plains, New York, US via NewspaperA
Eastern State Journal, September 26, 1903 Pg. 9, White Plains, New York, US via
Chester was later the protagonist in his own personal tragedy.
Eastern State Journal, June 29, 1912 Pg. 3, White Plains, New York, US, via
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  1. Indeed, a tragedy.
    How interesting that even early in the 1900s his friends connected his head trauma to his ongoing emotional and physical suffering. Before shell shock, before MRIs.

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