Lottie Belle Nixon

Lottie Belle Nixon front

This photograph depicts Lottie Belle Nixon (1894-1976), according to the inscription on the back. Lottie was born in Blairsville, Indiana County, PA, the daughter of Daniel K. Nixon (1855-1918) and Mary Catherine Dennison (1870-1949).

Lottie’s only child was Daniel Kitten Kerr (1913-1978). Daniel’s father was Milton Clark Kerr (1894-1922), the son of Charles Foreman Kerr (1853-1926), an engineer on the West Penn Railways, and Phoebe Jane Flemming (1870-1942). A newspaper in Indiana, PA reported on 11 March 1914 that “Milton C. Kerr pleaded guilty to fornication and bastardy and was given the usual sentence of paying the costs of prosecution, a fine of five dollars, and to Lottie B. Nixon the sum of twenty-five dollars lying-in expenses, and five dollars per month for five years for the maintenance of the child.” Milton never married and died young of tuberculosis.

Lottie married Paul S. Davis (1898-1937) and outlived him by almost 40 years after he died in a car crash in Pittsburgh.

Daniel Kitten Kerr married Harriet May Kay (1915-2003) in 1937 in San Diego where Daniel was serving in the U. S. Navy. The couple settled near Lake Tahoe in the early 1960s and were partners in several hotels in the area. They had a great deal of impact in South Lake Tahoe, CA. You can read Harriet’s obituary here.

Lottie Belle Nixon back

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