Romeo Tate Perry

The above photograph depicts Romeo Tate Perry (1871-1931) who was the third husband of Esther Ellen “Nellie” Oertly Alexander (1869-1955), mother of Edward Lescallet Alexander (1889-1959), the subject of the post before last. I was doing some organizing in the home office and found Romeo’s photograph in a stack of stuff purchased at the same antique store in Baltimore where I bought Edward’s photograph.

Romeo was born in Morgantown, NC to James Alexander Perry (1847-1923) and Mary Elizabeth Sisk (1848-1886).

This photograph of Romeo was used in a news story about their marriage that also included a photograph of Nellie:

Another marriage announcement contained a succinct version of Romeo’s career to that point:

I found three letters to the editor that Romeo wrote over the years. The first one appeared in the St. Louis Globe-Democrat (St. Louis, MO) on 8 April 1903:

The second one appeared in the Fort Smith Times (Fort Smith, AR) on 29 March 1904:

The last one appeared in The Washington Herald on 15 August 1922:

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