The Crawford Brothers, Circa 1915

Clemson and Edmond Crawford front

The gentlemen in the above photograph are Edmund Miley Crawford (1875-1951), on the left, and Clemson Sheffield Crawford (1871-1961). They were born in Jasper County, MO, the only children of John Clemson Crawford (1843-1913) and Eliza Sheffield (1844-1915).

Clemson married Lucy Gray (1872-1948) in Carthage, MO in 1892, and they had two children, Graydon Clemson Crawford and Jasmine Crawford (1898-1949).

Edmund married Charlotte W. Perrett (1878-1947) and they had two children, John Edmund Crawford (1905-1971) and Alice Anna Crawford (1912-1989).

On the back of the photograph it is written that it was taken in “about 1915”. Their mother died in May, 1915, probably while living with Edmund in Schenectady, NY. Clemson was living in Boise, ID at the time. Perhaps her funeral was the occasion for this photograph.

Clemson and Edmond Crawford back


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