Ophelia’s Parents

I said in my last post concerning William Thomas O’Neil and Ophelia Young that I was planning to move forward a generation, but I forgot I said that and went backwards instead.

Ophelia Young O’Neil’s parents were James H. Young (1820-1910) and Caroline Egbertson (1832-1900), subjects of the two photographs below. You can read Ophelia’s obituary here, mom’s obituary here, and dad’s obituary here.

James H Young front

Caroline Eghertson Young

If anyone can identify what mom is holding in her hand, please chime in. I enlarged the photograph and turned it upside down but I was unable to come up with anything. It looks like a magazine.

Aside from Ophelia there were two sons. First we see Charles H. Young (1857-1940). He married Orpha L. LNU (1860-1938). They had a daughter named Bernice D. Young (1887-1971) and, apparently, two other daughters who died in infancy. Charles moved to Texas to work in the lumber business and was living there at the time of his father’s death in 1910. I was unable to learn a lot else about him.

C H Young front

The other son was Frank Stanley Young (1869-1945) who was a businessman and banker. He married Jane C. Donaghy in 1920 and they had two children, James Stanley Young (1922-2007) who died in Utah, and Nelda Jane Young (1924-1969).

Frank Young

These photographs were among 12 I purchased at a “mega flea market” at the Maryland State Fairgrounds over the July 4th weekend.

The following are the reverses of the above photographs, in the same order they appear above.

James H Young backCaroline Eghertson Young backC H Young backFrank Young back

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