Eberly Family of Mechanicsburg

The family of Ada Grace Hertzler and Charles B. Eberly

Above we see the family of Ada Grace Hertzler (1882-1974) and Charles B. Eberly (1877-1967) of Mechanicsburg, PA. Both Ada and Charles were descended from German families that immigrated to Pennsylvania in the 18th Century, and their genealogies are recorded in the records of the Mennonites in Pennsylvania.

Ada’s parents were Christian Myers Hertzler (1833-1922) and Eliza E. Mumma (1837-1912). Charles’ parents were Simon G. Eberly (1845-1924) and Margaret Ellen Bashore (1845-1918). Charles was, like his father, grandfathers, father-in-law, and son, a director of what started as the Merkel, Mumma & Company in 1859, later chartered as the Mechanicsburg Bank (1861), First National Bank (1864), First Bank and Trust (1927), and PNC Bank (1987).

Their children were Paul Eugene Eberly (1910-1983) who married Dorothy Elizabeth Adair in 1937, and Ada Grace Eberly (1907-1998) who married Harper Andrew Snelbaker (1908-1971) in 1931.

This photograph was purchased at an antique store in Baltimore in early 2021. The following is the caption on the photograph’s reverse.

Eberly Family of Mechanicsburg

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