Haney and Prediger

Bill Haney front

Pictured above is William Pepper Haney (1899-1954) in 1919. He is identified as Bill on the back of three of the subject photographs so that’s how we will refer to him. In the Census of 1920 he was living with his parents, John P. Haney (1866-1927) and Sarah P. Oakley (1876-??)  at 540 Brunswick Street in southwest Baltimore, MD. I cannot place this photograph, possibly he is posing on breakwater (another photo in the same location is coming up). In 1920 Bill was a sign painter and his father was a printer. Bill served in the U.S. Navy during World War I and was assigned to U. S. Ships Emeline, Corona, Pretoria, and Eagle. We’ll see him (probably) again posing with a 3/4 aspect.

Bill married Luetta Jeanette Walper (1899-1991) in 1922. Luetta was the daughter of John M. Walper (1865-1926), a butcher, and Katherine “Katie” Lang (1865-1952). All four of Luetta’s grandparents were born in Germany.

Madlyn E Haney and Luetta J Walper front

The above photograph depicts Luetta and daughter Madlyn Eileen Haney (1925-2016) in 1925. Madlyn married Melbourne Donald Gourley (1925-1996) in 1952. She graduated from Western High School and he graduated from Baltimore Polytechnic Institute in 1943. They had four sons. Melbourne was a submariner during WWII, a torpedoman’s mate, and a member of Plumbers and Steamfitters Local Union No. 486 AFL-CIO when he died. Madlyn was an athlete, participating in varsity softball and ice skating in high school and in Senior Olympics later in life. Below is her senior portrait.

1943 Madlyn Eileen Haney HS yearbook

Here’s a detail which is too good to pass up: Madlyn’s high school portrait is behind the kid on the left in the below photograph. I am not certain who these people are but the date “1950” is written on the back.

1950 Madlyn's portrait in this photo

Here is an undated photograph of Madlyn standing in front of Western High School. I’m guessing this was taken on her graduation day and that these are her parents, Bill and Luetta.

1943 H S graduation

I cannot resist posting this photograph of Madlyn in this beautiful carriage, also dated 1925:

Madlyn E Haney in crib front

As previously mentioned, Bill was a sign painter. In the two photographs which follow, Bill is pictured with his colleague Frederick John Prediger (1896-1966), one of the four children of German-born parents, Casper Prediger (1866) and Freidarick Trutle (1873). Fred married German-born Elizabeth Baumeister and they had three children.


02 Prediger and Haney front

01 Prediger and Haney front

Morton Outdoor Advertising, as written on the truck, was a Baltimore company owned by Henry Morton and his son Lawrence A. Morton until it was sold in 1948.

This batch of material was purchased from an antique store on The Avenue in the Baltimore neighborhood of Hampden in early 2017. Also included are several letters and cards, including a beautiful Christmas card Bill sent to Luetta in 1920.

Note that the large format photographs were very curled, something I mention to explain the crookedness of some of the photographs as scanned.




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