What is this?

When I find old photographs or documents which can be associated with specific identities, I buy them and try to reunite them with their families. I build family trees and add information to memorial pages to make sure historical information doesn’t get lost in the vastness of the past.

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Contact me at ctw@stuffctwfound.com if you have questions or want to give feedback.

The below photograph of Samuel F. Reynolds is the first photograph I successfully reunited with a family. I bought it at an antique store on Main Street in Bozeman, MT in September 2015. A genealogist member of the family later went to the same store and found more than 40 other family photographs which came from the abandoned collection of an ancient family member.

Samuel F. Reynolds

8 thoughts on “What is this?

  1. Marilyn says:

    I see boxes of old photos at a near by antique/junk store. Also, old bibles. I have often wondered how anyone could let those treasures leave their families. I am glad to hear you are trying to get them back to where they belong. You have inspired me. Thanks.


  2. Mary Scott says:

    Do you know what Samuel’s middle initial F stands for? Wondering if he may be a relative of mine….


    1. Samuel Franklin Reynolds is his full name. The following was written on the back of this photograph: “Samuel Reynolds, Kingman, Kans. in bank there. My cousin, his mother my father’s sister (Belle) Reynolds. M.F.C. 9-1,51”

      I have been in contact with a genealogist for this family.


  3. pat charleville says:

    I do the same, have ‘reunited’ photos with at least 20 families so far, mostly looking for family trees on ancestry and familysearch. Glad to see others doing the same. Now, if I could just find someone in Missouri, Illinois and Tennessee that could find MY family…LOL


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