George Albert Winterer

George Albert Winterer (1900-1960) of Pottsville, PA was Chief Burgess of Mechanicsville, PA. He was the son of Joseph Winterer (1868-1924) and Sarah J. Eyler (1871-1955). The three of them are buried in Charles Baber Cemetery in Pottsville.

He married Eva Irene Weiss in 1922 and they had one son, George Allan Winterer (1924-1974). They were still married in 1935 but by 1940 George was divorced and, along with his son, living with his widowed mother. In the late 1930’s he married Elizabeth Katcher and they remained married until his death.

George Allan Winterer Jr

George Allan Winterer Jr back

The photo is 2.5″ X 3.5″. I purchased it at an antique store in Baltimore, MD, in January 2016.

***Update on 28 March 2016*** A niece of George’s saw the blog and contacted me. I sent her the photograph on 1 March 2016.



George Albert Winterer

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