John Barton Montgomery, Sr.

Bart Montgomery 1 front Bart Montgomery 2 back

I think the above young gentleman is John Barton Montgomery Sr. who was born in KY in May 1887 and died in IN on 8 March 1951. He was variously known as John, Bart, and a combination of these two. He had a son whose name was John Barton Montgomery Jr. (1926-2009) according to what is written on his tombstone.

“Bart” married Heathy E. Mitchell in September 1916, and they had four sons and two daughters.

If you’re  a member of this family and would like more information, just give me a holler.

I purchased this photograph during Thanksgiving week 2015 at Sturgis Antiques on The Avenue in Hampden, Baltimore, MD.

***Update on 28 March 2016*** Today I heard from some of John’s grandchildren who live in Georgia and I mailed them the photograph this afternoon.

John Barton Montgomery, Sr.

5 thoughts on “John Barton Montgomery, Sr.

  1. daringnikki says:

    I am the great granddaughter of Heathy and J.B. senior. I am J.B. jr.’s daughter’s daughter. Thank you so much for posting this! I have been working on genealogy for a couple of months but have been having a difficult time with that part of the family. It is so nice to find this. A million times thank you.

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  2. Karla Simmons says:

    Oh wow! Im the grand daughter of (bear with me lol) Lawrence Stephen Walker who is the son of Della ( Delphine ) Spaulding Walker who is the mother of Julia Ann Montgomery Spaulding who is the daughter of John Barton Montgomery. Ive just started family tree and am in search of any help/information. Thanks so much for posting

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