John Barton Montgomery, Sr.

Bart Montgomery 1 front Bart Montgomery 2 back

I think the above young gentleman is John Barton Montgomery Sr. who was born in KY in May 1887 and died in IN on 8 March 1951. He was variously known as John, Bart, and a combination of these two. He had a son whose name was John Barton Montgomery Jr. (1926-2009) according to what is written on his tombstone.

“Bart” married Heathy E. Mitchell in September 1916, and they had four sons and two daughters.

If you’re  a member of this family and would like more information, just give me a holler.

I purchased this photograph during Thanksgiving week 2015 at Sturgis Antiques on The Avenue in Hampden, Baltimore, MD.

***Update on 28 March 2016*** Today I heard from some of John’s grandchildren who live in Georgia and I mailed them the photograph this afternoon.

James A. Carman

Here is James A. Carman of Baltimore, MD. There are several possible matches in the 1880’s, a carpenter, a clerk/book keeper, and others, but it is impossible to tell which he is without a little more information.

James A Carman 1 front James A Carman 2 back

I paid $3 for this at Sturgis Antiques on The Avenue in Hampden, Baltimore.

G. W. Sheridan

G W Sheridan 1 front G W Sheridan 2 back

There are too many G. W. Sheridan’s in Baltimore circa 1889. The date is a reference because I know that J.D. Ernsberger’s business was active at this address in 1889.

One of them is George Washington Sheridan who was a “preacher of the gospel” and is buried a couple of blocks from me in St. Mary’s Episcopal Cemetery along side his wife, Rose.

I paid $3 for this at Sturgis Antiques on The Avenue in Baltimore.