The Diehl Family

The Family of Peter A. Diehl (1841-1907) and Mary A. Schnell (1846-1921), 1905

I copied the above photograph with my phone because the original is too big for my scanner. It was purchased in late 2020 from an antique store in Baltimore, MD. At the bottom is an image of the 8.5 X 11 inch piece of paper glued onto its back

Peter A. Diehl (1841-1907) and Mary A. Schnell (1846-1921), seated next to each other in the center of the middle row, were both natives of York County, PA. They were married in 1860 and lived in Hopewell Township, York County, PA. His parents were Levi Diehl (1816-1901) and Juliann Klinefelter (1816-1885), and her parents were Jacob Schnell (1815-1902) and Catherine Keller (1815-1897), all natives of Pennsylvania. Peter’s obituaries described him as “prosperous” and said his estate was valued at over $20,000 (~$557K). The note on the back states the photograph is dated 1905, but I think it’s 1906 because the youngest child pictured was born in February, 1906. The family members, their Find A Grave memorial number, if known, and their birth-death dates are listed below:

Front row, left to right:

  1. Leonard Diehl, 184321709, (1894-1946)
  2. Treva M. Keller, 87340797, (1895-1983)
  3. Jairus B. Keller, 49926913, (1900-1997)
  4. Kenneth A. Keller, 65925306, (1903-1989)
  5. Mary McWilliams, 114306619, (1893-1977)
  6. Russell C. Keller, (1893-1966)

MIddle row, left to right:

  1. Zana Irene Diehl Keller, 49933122, (1873-1963), 2nd Daughter
  2. Sarah Herbst Diehl, 96842967, (1863-1915), 1st Daughter in Law
  3. Peter Diehl, 114305968, (1841-1907), Patriarch
  4. Mary Schnell Diehl, 114305962, (1846-1921), Matriarch
  5. Bertha Diehl McWilliams, 114306749, (1870-1953), 1st Daughter
  6. Annie Shirey Diehl, (1878-1968), 2nd Daughter-in-Law

Back row, left to right:

  1. Harold D. Keller, 49926814, (1905-1998)
  2. Eli B. Keller, 49932969, (1865-1938), 2nd Son-in-Law
  3. Harry Diehl, 96842816, (1865-1936), 1st Son
  4. Zeno Diehl 96842991, (1889-1955)
  5. Navin McWilliams, 123613598, (1891-1958)
  6. James McWilliams, 114306764, (1867-1945), 1st Son-in-Law
  7. James Emory Diehl, 160242424, (1878-1958), 2nd Son
  8. Mildred Diehl, (1906-1973)

Family Groups:

Peter A. Diehl (9) married Mary A. Schnell (10) in 1860 and their children were Harry Clinton Diehl (15), Bertha May Diehl (1870-1953) (11), Zana Irene Diehl (1873-1963), and James Emory Diehl, Sr. (19).

Harry Clinton Diehl (15) married Sarah Jane Herbst (8) and their children were Zeno M. Diehl (16) and Leonard Hastings Diehl, Sr. (1). Harry was the senior member of the firm H. C. Diehl and Son, butchers in Loganville, PA.

Bertha May Diehl (11) married James F. McWilliams (18) in 1891 and their children were, Navin D. McWilliams (17) and Mary Etta McWilliams (5). Bertha raised her family in Shrewsbury, PA

Zana Irene Diehl (7) married Eli Benjamin Keller (14) in 1892 and their children were Russell Conwell Keller (6), Treva Margarite Keller (2), Jarius B. Keller (3), Kenneth A. Keller (4), and Harold Diehl Keller (13). Zana raised her family in Glen Rock, PA.

James Emory Diehl, Sr. (19) married Annie V. Shirey (12) in 1900 and their children were Mildred Louisa Diehl (20) and James Emory Diehl (1912-1997). James was the proprietor of D&D Sewing Company, York, PA.

Reverse of The Family of Peter A. Diehl (1841-1907) and Mary A. Schnell (1846-1921), 1905

There are a lot of interesting facts about the family, but there are too many people to profile in this space. I do want to share the following account of the death of Peter’s mother in 1885, just because. I was unable to find a report of of her funeral.

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  1. Ha. My great-grandfather’s name was Peter Diehl, but he was an Illinois Diehl. I can probably go look him up if you need anything about the Illinois Diehls. But if I’m hardly interested in them, I don’t see why you’d be.

  2. There was a Diehl family in Atlantic City in the early1900s that had a Salt Water Taffy business. My great grandmother was a Diehl living in Pomona (Egg Harbor City PO) in the late1800s married to a Krieg…. any knowledge about them? Love your website!

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