1506 Church Street, Baltimore, MD

This undated photograph, probably from the 1920s, depicts part of 1506 Church Street in the Curtis Bay neighborhood of Baltimore City. At first I thought the building was a private residence. It turned out the building is part of a church. Described as a “Greek Catholic Church” in the MD Department of Assessments and Taxation record, it is identified as the Saints Peter and Paul Ukrainian Catholic Church according to this website.


Here is what the building looks like today:

1506 Church Street

This photograph was in a box of stuff I obtained from Strawberry Fields, the same box where I found the Venice Etta Thayer Steward post card. The box contains material associated with the family of William T. Upton Sr. (1888-1973) and his wife Ruth Ann Griffith (1893-1984). There are dozens of photographs of Uptons and Griffiths, many inscribed on the back by the same hand as the above photograph. Watch for more on these families, unless a family member who wants this material comes forward.



Venice Etta Thayer Steward

I never knew a lady whose name was Venice.

Venice Etta Thayer front Venice Etta Thayer PC back

Venice Etta Thayer (1895-1978) was the daughter of Herman Thayer (1865-1945) and Clara A. Thompson (1870-1948). Charles Herman Thayer (1903-1997) was her brother.

Venice married Fremont Phiness Steward (1895-1982) in 1915 and they apparently had one child, Doctor Edith Etta Steward (1927-2008) who died in CA.

Here is a photograph of the Thayer family tombstone in Whitefield Cemetery, Whitefield, ME:


I picked up this postcard at Strawberry Fields off The Avenue in Hampden, Baltimore, in late 2015. It was apparently never mailed.

There were five other postcards in the box which Venice had received from others. The most interesting of those was this one depicting the brand new Waterville Senior High School which was placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 2010. Venice’s unnamed correspondent marked a window with an “X” where she had place a banner.

To Venice back To Venice front

These postcards were in a box with a bunch of stuff associated with a Baltimore area family and I have not yet discovered the connection between that family and the Thayer family of ME. Perhaps there is no connection and they were mixed in with that bunch by fate. As I work through the box perhaps a connection will be revealed.


Bonita Margaret McGuire Ali

Bonita Margaret McGuire (1915-1989) was a nurse in the U.S. Army from November, 1942 to February, 1946. In 1945 Bonita married Chester F. Ali (1919-2009) who was born in Italy. He was also in the U.S. Army from August 1941 to May 1946 and resigned as a major in the Medical Administrative Corps. They were both from West Virginia and settled in the Clarksburg area. They had at least two children.

Bonita signed the following photograph: “To the sweetest Lt. I ever knew, Bonita McGuire.”

Bonita McGuire

The photograph of Bonita was one of several torn from an album which probably belonged to the unidentified lieutenant mentioned above, who was probably the subject of the two following photographs taken at Lookout Mountain, Chattanooga, TN.


Here is she is with an unidentified colleague on the streets of Atlanta, GA.

Here are the remaining photographs from this batch:

I purchased the photographs from Strawberry Fields off The Avenue in Hampden, Baltimore.



A Bunch From Westminster, MD

I paid $5 for this batch of photographs at Strawberry Fields off The Avenue in Hampden, Baltimore. They were in a box of photos which apparently came from an estate sale in Westminster, MD.

Here are three photographs of Gary Lee Noel. The third one has no identifying information but the subject is recognizable as GLN as identified in the other two photographs.

IMG_0008 IMG_0009



The following is a photograph of members of Miss Hooper’s 4th grade class and their Frontier Exhibit: Skipper Myers, Buddy Long, Donna Bole, Maxine Magee, Carole Bollinger, Sally Mather, Charles Beard, and Fred Magsmen.


Finally, here are three ladies at “camp” in July, 1932: Louella Downey, Miriam Waldemeyer, and “Peggy” Beard.





Flickinger Stough frontFlickinger Stough back

I bought this photograph for $1 at Strawberry Fields in Baltimore, just off The Avenue. It came from a box of photographs from a family centered around Hanover, PA.

Walter (1889-1968) and Maria Grace (1891-1932) were brother and sister. Walter died in MI. Grace married Grover Cleveland Sell and died in Hammond, IN.

Relda H. Wine (1892-1980) married a man named Stough and had at least two children, Richard W. and William Glenn.