The Crawford Brothers, Circa 1915

Clemson and Edmond Crawford front

The gentlemen in the above photograph are Edmund Miley Crawford (1875-1951), on the left, and Clemson Sheffield Crawford (1871-1961). They were born in Jasper County, MO, the only children of John Clemson Crawford (1843-1913) and Eliza Sheffield (1844-1915).

Clemson married Lucy Gray (1872-1948) in Carthage, MO in 1892, and they had two children, Graydon Clemson Crawford and Jasmine Crawford (1898-1949).

Edmund married Charlotte W. Perrett (1878-1947) and they had two children, John Edmund Crawford (1905-1971) and Alice Anna Crawford (1912-1989).

On the back of the photograph it is written that it was taken in “about 1915”. Their mother died in May, 1915, probably while living with Edmund in Schenectady, NY. Clemson was living in Boise, ID at the time. Perhaps her funeral was the occasion for this photograph.

Clemson and Edmond Crawford back


The Crawford Brothers, Circa 1915


I’ve blogged about Doris Cecil Dinwiddie Crawford and Graydon Clemson Crawford because their family is at the center of a batch of about 100 photographs I bought at a Baltimore antique shop. In any batch of more than a 100 family photographs there are always a few that don’t connect directly to the family in any obvious way. These two photographs are examples.

The first depicts Winifred “Winnie” Myra Minor (1881-1958) and husband Floyd Rozelle Sprague (1883-1941). In the 1920 Census the Crawford and Sprague families were were both enumerated in McDermitt, an unincorporated town staddling the Nevada-Oregon border. I did not discover a familial connection so perhaps the only connection is that they were friends and riding buddies.

It looks like they are camping. Floyd appears to be photographing the photographer. I was unable to identify the camera type.

Winnie and Floyd Sprague front

The second photograph depicts, from left to right, Winnie’s brother James Dallas Minor (1864-1946), his son Lyle Raymond Minor (1901-1955), his wife Alberta Gillilan (1870-1943) and Lyle’s wife, Margaret Bell Weber (1903-1999).

Minor Couples front

Winnie and Jim D. were children of William Henry Minor (1840-1918) and Philoma Malissa Falor (1842-1915). Jim D. was the oldest and born in Steubenville, OH. Winnie and her twin, Ira William (1881-1971), were the youngest of the nine children and born in Paradise Valley, NV. The family moved from OH to NV around 1879. William Henry’s brother, James Drummond Minor, was already in NV and serving as NV’s 2nd Secretary of State. The family remained active in NV politics for a number of years.

Margaret Bell Weber Minor Kofoed, who would become known to her family as “Ommie,” lived a long life of service in the Eastern Star and Rainbow Girls. She was installed as “Supreme Worthy Advisor, worldwide” of the Rainbow Girls in 1992.

Floyd, who was born in Swartz Creek, MI, was the son of William Albert Sprague (1859-1942).

Winnie and Floyd Sprague back

Minor Couples back


Graydon Clemson Crawford

Graydon about 1913

On the back of the above photograph is written, “Graydon about 1913.”

Graydon Clemson Crawford was born in Jasper County, MO in 1893 to Clemson Sheffield Crawford (1871-1961) and Lucy Gray (1872-1948).

The below photograph shows “Pvt Graydon in Georgia” but it is undated.

Pvt Graydon in Georgia

According to the Malheur Enterprise of 15 April 1916, “Graydon C. Crawford arrived from Boise last Saturday to assume his duties as assistant cashier of the Bank of Jordan Valley. He is quartered at the Jordan Valley Hotel.” In August 1919 he married Doris Cecil Dinwiddie, the subject of a previous post. In the Census of 1920 Graydon and Doris were living in a home they owned free of mortgage in McDermitt, NV where Graydon was a bank cashier. In the Census of 1930 the couple and their two children, Joseph Clemson and Jasmine Laura lived in Boise where Graydon was employed as an accountant for “gen motors”.

By 1932 Graydon had taken a job with the Internal Revenue Service and was an agent in Dallas, TX. In 1934 Graydon was living in Tyler, TX and still an IRS agent. The below photograph below depicts the family in Tyler, TX in September 1937. Joe Clem, as he was known, was 17 and Jasmine was 11.

Tyler Texas Sept 1937

In 1954 Graydon’s job was “Chief, Intelligence Division, Internal Revenue Service” at the office in Tyler, TX and he made $9600 per year. By 1958 he headed up the Tyler, TX IRS office. The following photograph was probably taken during that time.

Great granddaddy Graydon

I haven’t yet found information about Graydon’s death or where he and Doris are buried.

Graydon Clemson Crawford